Since 1988 Tampa Tile Installation services the Tampa area the company was built on the’ do it right the first time principle, a core belief that remains at the core of our activities.

Each job taken on by Tampa Tile Installers is produced directly by the founder of the company our attention to detail, personal service and dedication to high-quality production have helped us to flourish for over 30 years.

Why choose Tampa Tile Installers because we are a total restoration company specializing in a variety of projects for home construction. Our foundation is floor repair, and over the years, we have extended our facilities to include full restoration of the kitchen, bathroom and fireplace.

Tampa Tile Expertise in all Areas

We have knowledge and expertise in all areas of plumbing, carpentry and finishing and can use our solid network of professionals, if appropriate, according to your individual needs.

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We partner with you to build and implement a strategy for making your dream bathroom or kitchen a reality. Tampa Tile Installers is the leading bathroom and kitchen remodeling market. We guide you every step of the way by effective project management.

Whether you need a small refrigeration or a full-sized refurbishment we will help you choose the best materials and equipment to insure that the project is done with the highest quality and care.

Tampa Tile Design is your expert when it comes to the restoration of a fireplace. A fireplace is the core element of a house, and you want to add value to your home, not only to compliment its atmosphere, but also to function as an enticing showcase.

Trustworthy Personal

The materials and accents that you choose can make an important difference. We will help you through the restoration phase as tile installers with decades of experience to lead what is possible when providing the suggestions that match your particular needs.

Nonetheless, Tampa Tile Installation is also renowned for our flexibility, with excellent service, exceptional workmanship and fair pricing for many sub-contracts, residential and commercial works. Our extensive range of experience and skill levels allows us the best choice for work of all sizes.

At Tampa Tile Installers, we enjoy what we do and it reflects our customers ‘ quality of service we view your house as if it is ours by making sure that the job is done the way you want it and that it is carried out correctly.

Tampa Tile Installers create a trustworthy, personal relationship that meets your needs and that we believe in adhering only to the highest standards. We often go to work as businessmen or leave as colleagues let Tampa Tile Installers know your project dreams call us for your Free Estimate today.