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Among the most costly tiling option available, marble tiles are breathtakingly beautiful and stunning to look at. They are also notoriously difficult to work with and install and maintain, but there is no one better at marble tiling than us! With years of individual tiling experience and training and decades of collective experience, we offer the residents of Tampa and surrounding areas the best! From installation to repairs to replacements, we do it all and more!

What should you know about marble tiles?

Firstly, it is that marble tiling falls under the banner of stone tiles. This collection of tiles is known for being incredibly hard to maintain and install. They are naturally very porous, meaning that they absorb liquids and water quite easily. Marble stones stain easily, meaning a small spill of coffee or sauce can ruin your brand-new marble floor.

This does not mean all hope is lost, however! As experts, we know when and how to install a quality marble tile and what type will suit you best. There are sealers available to help prevent and decrease the absorbent nature of the natural stone. There are also polished marble slabs available, larger and harder to work with, but that does not require sealing.

Our marble installations:

Doing a Marble Tile Installation in Tampa is a matter of patience and experience, things we have in spades. Our team and staff are trained extensively and are fully capable and able to install marble tiles and slabs to our client’s specifications. Due to the nature of the task, however, the cost is higher than other services we provide.

Like all types of tiles and materials, there are many brands and styles, and types of marble tiling available. When purchasing, we recommend Italian Marble. Already at the top end of the natural stone flooring scale, we recommend that if it is possible, buy Italian marble tiles that are also cut in Italy. Generally, Italian marble is white, with veins running through it. We are able to source quality Italian marble though, so when working with us worry not about the quality of your tile!

Contact us today to have a proper Marble Tile Installation in Tampa done without the huff and fuff and overpriced fluff. We get straight to planning and make sure everything is in order before work starts. Contact us today for a free quote or leave your details online for us to contact you! The best tilers around, we are here to serve you!

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